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Monterey Historics, Pre-Reunion, and Reunion TRACK RECAP

The Monterey Historics, Pre-Reunion and Reunion were full of plenty of highs and lows. RM Motorsports (RM) transported 8 cars that they race prepared and supported at the track. The 50 th Anniversary of F5000 was celebrated throughout the Historics, RM showcased Kirt Bennett’s 1974 Lola 332 and Jim Bartel’s 1975 Shadow DN6, driven by Craig Bennett. CAN AM was represented by a 1973 Shadow DN2 and 1974 DN4-1A, 1966 Lola T70 MKII B and Lola 160. The marque at this year’s race was Nissan/Datsun. Craig Bennett also drove a 1990 Nissan 300ZX that was originally driven by Steve Millen. The Pre-Reunion is a low-key weekend leading up to the Reunion. Craig and Kirt Bennett both lead the weekend with fastest times in their Shadows and F5000 cars. The Reunion started on Thursday, August 16 th. All cars at under the RM Motorsports tent hit the track. Unfortunately, the day […]