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FOR SALE: 1986 Alba GTP

Inquire about purchasing this car Altogether 200 Alba’s were made: AR2…through AR9. This car is AR8–001. Many came with Ferrari naturally aspirated motors winning C2 races in Europe and the IMSA Light championship here in USA–Melgratti was the driver. This car comes with a turbo Buick Engine. ALBA is the first manufacturer that introduced the full carbon chassis to GTP/Group C racing carrying the manufacturer’s know how from F1 to Group C. using all titanium components (suspension, firewall, etc.). The car was purchased and campaigned by Kalagian racing–four races only in 1987. It was delivered on time for the ’87 Watkins Glen race and qualified 5th. This car has had only two owners. The current motor has only three events on it probably about 5 hours all together. History Founded in 1983 by former Osella chassis engineer, Giorgio Stirano, Alba Engineering was established in Moncalieri near Turin specifically to contest the […]