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RM Restored Ford RS200 Heading to Auction

  One of 24 built by Ford, 1986 RS200 Evolution heads to auction  1986 Ford RS200 Evolution. Photos by Brian Henniker, courtesy Gooding & Company. Ford built 146 RS200 models before the FIA pulled the plug on Group B rallying, and of these, just 24 were converted by the factory into higher-performance Evolution trim. Able to run with (and often, leave behind) more prestigious and expensive supercars of the day, the RS200 Evolution remains a sought-after collectible among Ford performance enthusiasts, especially those with a passion for WRC history. In August, chassis 106, a 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution and one of the original 20 cars upgraded by Ford, heads to auction in Pebble Beach. Looking for a competitive edge in the FIA’s fearsome Group B rally class, Ford Motorsport started with a clean sheet of paper to design the RS200. With an engine amidships and power sent to all four […]


RM Motorsports has partnered up with Eastwood. We have been using their coatings for a while now and these guys have their stuff down! Their delivery is fast and easy to use. Out performing many of the other coatings one the market. Thanks Eastwood for working hard to make our job easy.  

MCRE Recap

  Thanks again to everyone that came out to the 2nd Annual Motor City Hot Rod & Racing Expo.  We had a great booth right up front with a selection of a few of the exciting projects we have going at the shop.  The feedback was great and got to learn a lot about many other awesome thing happening in the Motorcity.  It is great times here in MI and we are proud to be positive part of it.  Already have plans on next years set up!    

Ididit Inc.

Everyone here at RM Motorsports would like to thank Ididit for having us at their open house the week of autorama. It’s was a hectic week for everyone involved in the industry and was a breath of fresh air having a second to slow down, enjoy a great dinner and meet a lot of wonderful people. Not to mention getting a tour of their beautiful facility. Take a look below at some of the work we have done matching factory wheels onto their columns.  Thanks again to all the people at Ididit. We had a great time!       

For Sale: 25th Annv. 58′ Scarab Sports Racecar {SOLD}

25th Anniversary 1958 Scarab Mk I Commissioned by Richard Reventlow in 1983 *25th Anniversary 1958 Scarab MK I at speed History of the Scarab’s The 1958 racing season was expected to be particularly competitive as revised European regulations left all big-engined racing cars obsolete for major international races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Many of these cars were not ready for retirement and found their way into the hands of American racing drivers. The young heir to the Woolworth fortune Lance Reventlow decided to build his own car instead. He had toured various European factories in 1957 and concluded that he had seen nothing that could not be done better in the United States.   To ensure his new machine would be up to the challenge, Reventlow had his chief mechanic Warren Olson hire the best designers and builders from the California Indy fabrication world. Among them were former […]

Woodward Fab

  Woodward Fab is hooking us up here at RM! They just dropped off the wheels, dollies,  hammers and bags to pound out these rides one at a time. Check out their site for all the best metal working tools around.

2nd Annual Motor City Hot Rod & Racing Expo

  The second annual Motor City Hot Rod & Racing Expo will return to the Suburban Collection Showplace on March 21-22, 2015.  The Expo will once again provide high performance enthusiasts, racers, equipment manufacturers, retailers, and more the opportunity to gather information, admire new ideas, do business and have fun, all under one roof.  Located within the spacious and luxurious confines of the 64,000 square foot Suburban Collection Showplace, minutes from the birthplace of American hot rodding, the Expo has already established itself as a marquee event for hot rod and motorsports enthusiasts throughout the Midwes   t.

Life Blasters Article

Life Blasters is a motorsports lifestyle page dedicated to showcasing exciting and unique events throughout the country.  We were thrilled that they decided to showcase our shop in one of their articles.  Big thank you to Eric Delaney for all the great words.  Check out their page for many other articles that will keep you entertained for hours! RM Motorsports Posted on December 9, 2014 by Delaney A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a text asking if I was busy on December 6th. I opened the attachment and saw it was for RM Motorsports, local company that specializes in restoring historic race cars. I’ve read about their cars and work, but never actually got to see inside their shop. There was no way I’d miss this. They’ve had cars in the Monterey Historic races and even the Le Mans classic, not to mention their normal car restoration. It’s […]

Restored Memories

              Here at RM we love to bring back lost projects and giving them a whole new life.  These two here are no exception.  Just a little bit of hard work, paint and go fast parts help make these engine bays look better than new.  If its up to us the muscle car will never die.   

Work In Progress

   Most of the designs are set and the fabrication is in full swing.  With a team at each end of the car it truly is a representation of the best RM has to offer.  We are excited to see the end result. Airlift, Magnaflow and Barton have all stepped up and supplied parts to help makes this a show stopper.  Check back here for more updates and make sure your in Las Vegas @ Sema for the unveil.      

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