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  RM Motorsports heads to the HSR Classic 24hr at Daytona the first week of November. The cars that RM will be crewing are the 1970 Lola MKIII, 1990 Nissan 300ZX and a 2014 Toyota Rebellion. The last race of the year for RM will be the HSR Classic 12hr at Sebring the 1 st weekend in December. RM Motorsports will be posting their 2019 race schedule in December, showing the races/events that they plan on attending. If there is a race you are interested in attending with full track support, and it is not listed, please feel free to inquire by emailing Craig Bennett at cbennett.rmmotorsports@gmail.com .

Monterey Historics, Pre-Reunion, and Reunion TRACK RECAP

The Monterey Historics, Pre-Reunion and Reunion were full of plenty of highs and lows. RM Motorsports (RM) transported 8 cars that they race prepared and supported at the track. The 50 th Anniversary of F5000 was celebrated throughout the Historics, RM showcased Kirt Bennett’s 1974 Lola 332 and Jim Bartel’s 1975 Shadow DN6, driven by Craig Bennett. CAN AM was represented by a 1973 Shadow DN2 and 1974 DN4-1A, 1966 Lola T70 MKII B and Lola 160. The marque at this year’s race was Nissan/Datsun. Craig Bennett also drove a 1990 Nissan 300ZX that was originally driven by Steve Millen. The Pre-Reunion is a low-key weekend leading up to the Reunion. Craig and Kirt Bennett both lead the weekend with fastest times in their Shadows and F5000 cars. The Reunion started on Thursday, August 16 th. All cars at under the RM Motorsports tent hit the track. Unfortunately, the day […]

WeatherTech International Challenge TRACK RECAP

The WeatherTech International Challenge (WIC) race at Road America in July was busy and successful. 14 cars were race prepared, transported to the race with full track support. A full range of race cars could be found under the RM Motorsports (RM) tent, CAN AM cars from a 1966 Lola T70 MKII B originally driven by Parnelli Jones to the 1974 Championship Shadow DN4-1A originally, raced by Jackie Oliver. Formula cars were represented by two F5000 cars and the Championship winning 1994 Reynard Indy Car, originally driven by Jacques Villeneuve. Additional cars of interest were a 1971 Chevron B19, Devin and a 2015 Ferrari 458 that raced in the Ferrari Challenge Series. The WIC event starts on Tuesday, providing plenty of track time, one-on-one with the drivers and their cars for the spectators, race car Concourse in downtown Elkhart Lake and of course a whole lot of great action on […]

For Sale : 1964 Porsche 356 SC

For Sale: 1964 Porsche 356 SC This vehicle is a very original, no rust, excellent running example of a 356 coupe.  The Bali blue on blue interior is a great color combo.  There has just been $16,000 in mechanical updates including but not limited to;  engine rebuild, new brakes, new exhaust, CV’s + boots and fresh fluids.  This vehicle is in great shape and is ready to be driven. Check out this You Tube link for a closer look! https://youtu.be/JjkvjJgMpQg       Contact Bud Bennett for further details. (248) 431 – 1680

For Sale : 1957 Kurtis 500X

For Sale : 1957 Kurtis 500X The aluminum body of this 1957 Kurtis 500X was built by Jack Sutton of Hollywood. Their intentions were, to build the car for the 1957 La Carrara Panamericana. But, AK Miller and Doug Harrison had to focus instead on the 1957 Mille Miglia, the La Carrara had been nullified due to accidental deaths among participants and spectators. It is the only American built sports racecar ever to race the Mille Miglia! It would be the 24th and final Mille Miglia, ending for the very same reason as the La Carrara. After a mechanical failure ended the race prematurely, the car went to the Bonneville salt flats in August 1957, where it ran an impressive 176 MPH! It also participated in the first, 1958 Los Angeles Times Grand Prix at Riverside. Bobby Unser was piloting the car when it was involved in a crash during practice and was unable to make the race. The car was […]

For Sale : 1965 Lola T70 MK1

For Sale : 1965 Lola T70 MK1 SL70/10 was invoiced on 05/31/65 to the Shelby Corporation. Carroll Shelby and Dan Gurney entered into partnership with each other at the start of the year and formed AAR. The car was never used and sold to Chuck Jones of Team Meridian in October ‘65 with the engine still to be bolted in. The car was first used in the Elvis Presley film “Spinout”. Shot on location between the 9th and the 11th of March ’66, the silver painted car was driven by an unknown stunt driver employed by the studio. The start and finish sequences were filmed in parking lot 21 of the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with the road racing scenes taking place on the Kanan Road highway leading from Agoura to Paramount Ranch. The car was then prepared for the USRRC for Skip Hudson. The car was partly sponsored […]

For Sale : 1978 Osella PA 5/7/8

For Sale 1978 Osella PA 5/7/8 This race ready 1978 Osella PA 5/7/8 is in pristine condition. A front runner in its class this 2 Liter BDG, Hewland FG400-394 is ready to go to the races with you. This car comes with a complete list of spare parts, including 2 sets of wheels, a complete body mold set, and wheel spacers among many other spare parts. Contact Bud (248) 431 – 1680 for more details…  

For Sale : 1973 Chevron B23

For Sale : 1973 Chevron B 23 This exquisite 1973 Chevron B23 is in excellent condition and is being maintained by Lee Chapman Racing. This race car features carbon body fiber work, and a 300 HP @ 9250 RPM. The 1973 Chevron B23 has Lucas fuel injection and a Hewland transmission. Contact Bud (248) 431 – 1680 for more details and information…

For Sale : March 73S

For Sale : March 73S This March 73S is one of three cars raced in Japan, in 1974 and configured as a 1974 S with a Ford Cosworth Engine. This stunning race car was own and raced in Canada by the Canadian racing team between 1974 and 1984, it was fitted with a BMW M12/7. Purchased by Mr Cruz(Eagle Rock CA) in 1984 the March 73S made its way into the United States.                             In 2013 the 73S was completely rebuilt, but still maintains its original tub. brakes, and wheel suspension components. After passing the Medallion certification with SVRA and the ACCUS technical passport certification the March 73S had another engine rebuild(2015).             To learn more about the stunning restoration and details on the March 73S contact RM Motorsports.

For Sale : 1972 Capri RS2600

For Sale: 1972 Capri RS2600 After clinching the 1972 European Touring Car Championship, this Capri RS2600 was modified and reached in the 1973 season; where it stayed competitive until it was sold to a buyer in the United States in 1974. Once it reached the united States the Capri RS2600 saw the track twice between 1974 and 1975 before being sold to another individual in 1976. It was then raced five more times over the course of the next several years, until it was stored in a trailer in 1981. The Capri RS26000 was located in August 2016 and began its restoration process at RM Motorsports the following December. This historic touring car retains all the factory homologation from 1973, as well as 95% of the original sheet metal and correct Weslake motor – restored by Roush Industries – as raced in the 1973 season.   Call Bud (248) 431-1680 […]

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