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For Sale: 1981 Arrows F1 {SOLD}

SOLD For Sale: 1981 Arrows F1 Beta/Ragno This 1981 Arrows F1 car is in perfect shape.  It has been fully race prepped, fluids changed, detailed and ready to go.  Please call for more details.   The Arrows Formula 1 team was established in November 1977 by a breakaway group of personnel from Don Nichols’sShadow team and some of their associates. The five founding members were Italian financier Franco Ambrosio (A), Alan Rees (R), Jackie Oliver (O), Dave Wass (W) and Tony Southgate (S). The team set up in headquarters at Milton Keynes and built the first Arrows F1 car in just 53 days. Arrows signed up Riccardo Patrese (also from Shadow) and Varig sponsorship was found for the car in Brazil where it finished tenth. Rolf Stommelen joined the team in South Africa, bringing Warsteiner beer money. Patrese led the race until his engine blew but he went on to […]

For Sale: 1986 Porsche 962/C #127 {SOLD}

SOLD For Sale: 1986 Porsche 962/C Chassis #127. This vehicle has a fresh restoration including many drive train, electronics and engine upgrades.  Please call for more details.     The Porsche 962 was built by Porsche as the successor to the infamous 956, together these Group C cars had arguably the longest front line international career in motorsport history totally dominating an era of Group C racing that is still talked about and fondly remembered today. The reason for the introduction of the 962 was to allow the car into IMSA racing in the States as the 956 was banned as the drivers feet were ahead of the front axle center line. Hence the 962 was made with a longer tub to bring the drivers feet further back. The championships won by teams campaigning the 962 included the World Sportscar Championship title in 1985 and 1986, the IMSA GT Championship every year […]

For Sale: 25th Annv. 58′ Scarab Sports Racecar {SOLD}

25th Anniversary 1958 Scarab Mk I Commissioned by Richard Reventlow in 1983 *25th Anniversary 1958 Scarab MK I at speed History of the Scarab’s The 1958 racing season was expected to be particularly competitive as revised European regulations left all big-engined racing cars obsolete for major international races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Many of these cars were not ready for retirement and found their way into the hands of American racing drivers. The young heir to the Woolworth fortune Lance Reventlow decided to build his own car instead. He had toured various European factories in 1957 and concluded that he had seen nothing that could not be done better in the United States.   To ensure his new machine would be up to the challenge, Reventlow had his chief mechanic Warren Olson hire the best designers and builders from the California Indy fabrication world. Among them were former […]

For Sale: 1974 Lola T-294

1974 Lola T-294  VIN HU-68  Hart 420R Engine with Hewland TG400 Transaxle    *Pictures Coming Soon       The car was sold by Haas Racing, in 1974-1975, who was the distributor for Lola. From what I have been able    to determine, the first owner was John Creen who was in the mobile home/trailer manufacturing business in    southern California. The car spent its early life in California in professional SCCA racing. Creen sold the car to    “Big” Jim Proffitt (I spoke with) who continued driving it professionally in SCCA events. He said he liked racing    it at Riverside, but his favorite track was Road America. Proffitt owned the car for three years and sold it to Roger    Downer in the late 1980s. Downer, who owned a number of race cars, died in a road rally in 1990 ( not in the    Lola).His mechanic was driving, missed […]

FOR SALE: 1995 Ferrari F1 412 T2 {SOLD}

  History The ex-Jean Alesi, ex-Gerhard Berger Engine # 044/3n52 Specifications: 3,000cc, Ferrari Type  044 75° V-12 engine, Magneti Marelli electronics, six-speed transverse gearbox, double wishbones, pushrod and torsion spring front suspension, double wishbones, pushrod and  torsion spring rear suspension, four-wheel disc  brakes. Wheelbase: 2,930mm (115.4in.) Sold on Bill of Sale only Ferrari Classiche Certification Package. This  lot has originated in the  United States and  is present at  the  sale under a temporary import bond, which must be cancelled either by  exporting the  lot  outside of Italy on an approved bill  of lading with supporting customs documentation or by paying the applicable VAT and import duties to  land  the  lot in Italy. The Ferrari 412  T2 was the  latest design from John  Barnard’s UK-based Ferrari Design and  Development. Jean Todt  was  again at the  helm and the  Scuderia looked to  build on its promising 1994 season and to  increase momentum […]

FOR SALE: 1986 Alba GTP

Inquire about purchasing this car Altogether 200 Alba’s were made: AR2…through AR9. This car is AR8–001. Many came with Ferrari naturally aspirated motors winning C2 races in Europe and the IMSA Light championship here in USA–Melgratti was the driver. This car comes with a turbo Buick Engine. ALBA is the first manufacturer that introduced the full carbon chassis to GTP/Group C racing carrying the manufacturer’s know how from F1 to Group C. using all titanium components (suspension, firewall, etc.). The car was purchased and campaigned by Kalagian racing–four races only in 1987. It was delivered on time for the ’87 Watkins Glen race and qualified 5th. This car has had only two owners. The current motor has only three events on it probably about 5 hours all together. History Founded in 1983 by former Osella chassis engineer, Giorgio Stirano, Alba Engineering was established in Moncalieri near Turin specifically to contest the […]

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