For Sale: 1974 Lola T-294

1974 Lola T-294

 VIN HU-68

 Hart 420R Engine with Hewland TG400 Transaxle


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      The car was sold by Haas Racing, in 1974-1975, who was the distributor for Lola. From what I have been able
   to determine, the first owner was John Creen who was in the mobile home/trailer manufacturing business in
   southern California. The car spent its early life in California in professional SCCA racing. Creen sold the car to
   “Big” Jim Proffitt (I spoke with) who continued driving it professionally in SCCA events. He said he liked racing
   it at Riverside, but his favorite track was Road America. Proffitt owned the car for three years and sold it to Roger
   Downer in the late 1980s. Downer, who owned a number of race cars, died in a road rally in 1990 ( not in the
   Lola).His mechanic was driving, missed a curve and drove off a cliff. Downer kept his many cars in a hanger in
   southern California. His wife couldn’t bring herself to sell any of the cars for ten years. In 2000, Earnie Ienconetti
   (whom I also spoke with) bought the Lola and had it totally restored.
*Pictures Coming Soon
       Ienconetti, who worked for the CIA, had a
   bad back and decided not to race the car after it was restored. He sold the car, through Fantasy Junction (early
   2000s), to Jim Oppenheimer who was an active Vintage Racer, owning several race cars. I knew Jim and
   when I found out he was selling the Lola (in 2006), I bought the car which was maintained by RM Motorsports.
   Jim raced the car two or three times during his ownership. I have owned and raced the car since 2006. In 2011 I
   had an accident at Road America (failed left rear brake at turn eight).The tub was damaged to the point where I
   had a completely new tub built by Pat Prince at Prince Engineering. Race car tubs, frames and suspensions are
   Pat’s specialty (30 years). He’s a master. The new tub was built with a heavier guage aluminum with a stronger
   roll bar.The entire front suspension was also rebuilt and crack checked. I found a mold for the fiberglass nose
   and had two noses made – one a spare. Bart Wolf of Wolf Motorsports put the car back together with the
   assistance of Pat Prince. I raced the car in 2012 and 2013 and then had the engine and transaxle rebuilt/
   freshened and I have not raced the car since. The car, in effect, is fresh and is absolutely set-up. It is probably as
   close to “race ready” as any car you will find. Just get a seat that fits (currently has a Bald Head seat) and tires.
   Prepurchase inspection is welcome.